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Patch Notes of April 4th

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The Landlord
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Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 4/4

Dear players, we will maintain our servers for two hours.

鈪) Costume Dance Event Coming
The Dawn Kingdom decided to hold Dance Party in Karanvale. Every 30 heroes can start a Dance Party. Heroes who do well at the Dance Party may receive a Dance Party Pack from the king
Event Rules:
1. Dance Party is a cross-server feature where heroes from all servers will be matched together to dance.
2. Playerslevel 10 and above can partake in dance parties. Players can register byspending a Dance Party Ticket, which will be deducted upon registration. If theplayer cancels their registration or does not enter for any reason, the ticketwill not be refunded. Dance Party Tickets can be obtained each day bycompleting 5-player normal raids or bought from the Store. The event isavailable every Mon, Wen, Fri and Sun from 13:00 to 16:00 X-server time. Eachplayer can take part in many dance parties but once the reward limit has beenreached, no further rewards will be granted.
3. Uponentering the dance area players will not be able to move freely. When itbegins, players should press notes when they fall into the corresponding framein tune to the music. Players will be rated with Perfect, Great, Good, and Baddepending on their accuracy.
4. When thedance ends, players can move freely to pick up the chests that appear. When thetimer reaches zero the players will be teleported away from the map.
5. When aplayer is rated with a Perfect, Great or Good rating, there is a chance toobtain a Dance Minipack, and the chance is different for each rating. Eachplayer can obtain 10 per day.
6. Obtain astreak of 20 or more Perfect, Great, and Good rating to obtain a Perfect DancePack. Each player can obtain 1 per day.
7. After thedance ends, 3 waves of chests will spawn on the map, including Minor DanceCrates and Major Dance Crates. Each player can pick up 3 of each per day.
8. Obtainedrewards will be sent to the mailbox on your server.

鈪) Top-up Rebate Update
We will have new Top-up Rebate activity after the server maintenance onGMT April 4, 2019.In the new Top- up Rebate activity, you can not only get exquisite outfit, but also get a new "FunnyAvatar " !The "Breath of Spring Top-up Rebate" will also beexpired after this maintenance. Unclaimed rewards will be distributed to you byemail.

鈪) 鈥滿aterials鈥60%off Sale
After this maintenance update, all the crystal items in theMall-Materials store (except Magellana Gold Chest and Lucky Ticket) are sold ata discount of 60% off. Items purchased with gold or silver coins are not havediscounts.

鈪) 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥
After this week's maintenance, 鈥淎ncient Ornament Box鈥 will be no longerin stock on the 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥. Also, a brand new box 鈥淜itty Ration鈥 with very high discount will be in stock on 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥. Player probably get very rarelegendary equipments and the Soulstone parts of SS follower Coersica &Herrling from 鈥淜itty Ration鈥. Also, it included the cool mount andpet-鈥淕oldenlight Elephant鈥漚nd鈥淪wift Kitty Pet鈥!

鈪) 鈥淣EW鈥
After this week's maintenance, according to the opening time of eachserver, the Warriors can purchase new box 鈥斺溾淛adeite Crystal Star Box鈥濄佲淪hining Intensificationl Box鈥濄佲淪tarlight Lens Box鈥濄佲淭wilight Glyph Box鈥濄佲淪acred Amber Box鈥濄佲淪uper Reforge & Refine Bundle鈥濄佲淓nhanced Treasure Box鈥濄佲淪tar Circle Treasure鈥濄佲淯pgrade Material Box鈥濄佲淒ark Purple Crystal Star Box鈥漚nd鈥淔ollowerGift鈥漮n the 鈥淣EW鈥.

鈪) 鈥淟ucky Draw鈥
Lucky Draw is updated as usual every Monday. Don't miss out on theclassic  box and mounts锛

鈪) Toy Promoter Event Ending
Thanks to the efforts of thewarriors, the troublemaker who hid the gifts of the Little KingJordan has been expelled.After thismaintenance update,Toy Promoter event will be removed.

鈪) Reavedge Ceremonial Event Ending
With the help of thewarriors, the NPC--Bellicostro Ironhorn have already collected allthe needed materialsfor the ReavedgeCeremonial. Thank you for your help! The "Reavedge Ceremonial"eventwill be removed after this maintenance update.

鈪) Other
1.Fixed the bug of the BOSS HP in the Heroic Core of Rock Essence.
2.Fixed some issues that D1 Devil鈥檚 Blood can鈥檛 be triggered properlyunder some special situations. Now D1 Devil鈥檚 Blood can work with some runes asintended.
3.Fixed the bug of D14 equipments could not be used for Legendary/Divineequipment upgrades.
4.Fixed the bug of the Equipment Chamber could not normally displayD8-D10 equipment.
5.Fixed the bug of some interfaces are incorrectly described.
6.Fixed a bug that the Level Boost Potion could not be used normally.


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