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Patch Notes of Mar 28

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The Landlord
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Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 3/28
Dear players, we will maintain our serversfor two hours.
) Core of Rock Essence 鈥 Heroic
After this maintenance update, we will release theheroic difficulty of the team raid 鈥淐ore of Rock Essence鈥. The raid needs atleast 10 players, the character reaches 55 and the talent level reaches 86. TheWarriors who won the first kill of the server will receive the exclusivefirst-kill achievements and salutes. In addition to all kinds of rare items,the raid will drop the new D14 set equipments. Welcome the Warriors tochallenge it!
)D14 鈥"Burst Crystal Rock" and "Ghost Warship" coming!
Add a new D14 set -- "Burst Crystal Rock"and "Ghost Warship", the set of parts will fall in the new raid"Core of Rock Essence - Heroic".
2-PieceBurst Crystal Rock Set:When using the skill, a pile of crystal rock will be summonedat the enemy's position. After 3 seconds, the crystal rock will explode andcause damage to the enemy.
3-PieceBurst Crystal Rock Set:The enemy affected by the crystal rock explosion will leave anegative state and will suffer continuous damage.
2-PieceGhost Warship Set:When a skill crit, it summons a huge warship, which willcause damage to the enemies it encounters.
3-PieceGhost Warship Set:When the Ghost Warship hits the enemy, it will explode,causing great damage to enemies around the target.
)鈥淣ew Arrival鈥
After this week's maintenance, 鈥淒elicious ChocolateGift鈥 will be no longer in stock on the 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥. Also, a brand new box 鈥淎ncient Ornament Box鈥 with very high discount will be in stock on 鈥淣ew Arrival鈥.Player probably get very rare legendary equipments and the Soulstone parts ofSS follower Coersica & Herrling from 鈥淎ncientOrnament Box鈥.Also, it included the cool fashion - 鈥淭emple Pharaoh鈥濓紒
After this week's maintenance, according tothe opening time of each server, the Warriors can purchase new box 鈥斺淛adeiteCrystal Star Box鈥濄佲淎pril Fools' Day Gift鈥濄佲淔rost Heart Gift鈥濄佲淩einforced Material Gift鈥濄佲淪hiningIntensification Gift鈥濄佲淓ternal Inscription Box鈥濄佲淟ight of Dawn & Follower Box鈥濄佲淟uckyTicket Box鈥濄佲淪acred Amber Box鈥濄佲淒arkPurple Crystal Star Box鈥濆拰鈥淪tar Gem Box鈥漮n the 鈥淣EW鈥.
)鈥淟ucky Draw鈥
Lucky Draw is updated as usual every Monday.Don't miss out on the classic  box andmounts锛
)鈥淔ollower Summon鈥漇ale Ending
After this maintenance update, the follower summon limited time discountactivity will be removed, using the crystal summon will restore the originalprice.
Fixedsome issues that D1 Devil鈥檚 Blood can鈥檛 be triggered properly under somespecial situations. Now D1 Devil鈥檚 Blood can work with Time Echo and some runesas intended.


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