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Patch Notes of Nov 28

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I. Followers
When players reach level 45, they can undertake the quest chain Followers - Recruiting the Brave. Completing this quest chain will unlock Followers, grant beginning followers and large amounts of initial items!

Life on Milura has its origin in nature, chaos, holiness and mysticism鈥攁nd that鈥檚 the origin of followers. Followers assisting a player in battle will grant a brand-new type of attribute鈥擡lemental Damage. Elemental damage includes four types: nature damage, chaos damage, holy damage and mystic damage. Their crits are all affected by Elemental Smash, and their initial crit damage is 150%. Elemental damage from attack skills ignore target鈥檚 Physical Defense and Magic Defense, but will be affected by the target鈥檚 elemental resists. Elemental damage also affects healing equal to Magic Attack, but crits are only affected by Elemental Smash.

Multiple game modes will unlock as you progress;

[Into the Skywards Tower]: Upon completing the Follower Guide quests, players may head to Cloudburst Forest in Prosperius and challenge the tower. In this game mode, players deploy up to five followers and should aim to have a well-balanced lineup. Players decide when followers use their skills to eliminate the demons鈥 minions and reap the rewards! There are currently forty floors available to challenge, and higher floors contain more powerful enemies but also greater rewards. You will gain rewards the first time you clear a floor on each reset. Clearing the same floor on the same reset period will not grant rewards. Reset attempts will be gained every Monday and Friday, and up to two can be saved. Players can choose to reset manually, and restart the challenge from floor 1 to obtain the rewards anew!

[Follower Arena]: In the Follower Arena, players deploy up to five followers and battle it out against other players by deciding when followers use their skills and hone your mastery! The Follower Arena is available every Monday and Wednesday between 19:50 and 21:00. Every player may partake in up to ten battles. The first victory and ten consecutive victories grant extra rewards! Players on the leaderboard will also gain extra rewards!

[Dawn Outpost]: Dawn Outpost quests refresh at midnight every day. Dispatch followers with suitable personality traits (every follower has two) that fulfill the BR requirements on quests鈥攃ompleted quests grant items and Follower EXP! Failed quests will still grant Follower EXP!

[Follower Assisted Battles]: When there are two few players in the daily five-player Raids, Trials and Mystica (the minimum number of players for quests and raids remains unchanged), the leader can choose to dispatch followers to assist in battle and complete quests!

II. New Raid: Battle for Karanvale - Fall of the Capital
The brand-new Team Raid: Battle for Karanvale - Fall of the Capital will be available on all servers. The large-scale Team Raid 鈥楤attle for Karanvale鈥 will be divided into three parts that will become available successively. The second part is now become available: Battle for Karanvale - Fall of the Capital.

Battle for Karanvale - Fall of the Capital is a 10-player Team Raid available to players of that have reached level 55 and have a talent level of 75. The first players to complete this raid on each server will be granted an exclusive achievement and title.

III. New Mystica Difficulty
Legendary difficulty will be available for Mystica. Legendary Mystica will be available on servers where Dawn Cathedral - Secret Astrology Sanctum has been completed. The bosses in the new Mystica difficulty will be stronger than ever and players who manage to defeat them will gain even greater rewards.

IV. Event: Legend of the Dark Moon
Event time: 11/28-12/12
Every year during the brightest full moon, the mysterious Dark Moon sect emerges from the shadows of Milura. In whispers, they attempt to have people sell their souls to the ancient demons. Players must gather together and defeat the Dark Moon apostles to maintain peace and safety in Milura.

V. Elite Good Will Medals
In order to encourage elite players to stand together against the demons, the King of Karanvale will bestow Elite Good Will Medals upon some players who meet the criterion. Players ineligible to pick-up rewards who help players who are eligible to pick-up rewards progress in raids will obtain Elite Good Will Medals. Players can gain more medals by helping more players. The weekly Elite Good Will Medal cap is 500 and resets every Friday. Elite Good Will Medal can be exchanged for Alajoh's Treasure and many other items at the Goodwill Store.

VI. Pets
Karanvale鈥檚 merchant Maroon often brings intelligent animals from faraway lands. Apart from following the player around everywhere, they can also perform cute actions to make their owner happy. This time he brought the new pet Loppy. Obtain its Pet Token and head to the Archive - Pet panel to unlock it. More types of pets will become available at a later date.

VII. Class Changes
1.        Elementalists鈥 fire runes increase the crit damage Descending Inferno deals to its main target;
2.        Elementalists鈥 frost runes increase Ice Bolt鈥檚 crit damage.

VIII. Coliseum
1.        Resolved an issue where some Coliseum equipment could be equipped on non-Coliseum equipment slots;
2.        Resolved an issue where some non-Coliseum equipment could be embedded with Coliseum gems.

IX. Shop Optimizations
1.        Food and potions (Healing Potion, Mana Potion, Seafood Meal, Fish Banquet, etc.) in the Shop has been moved to the Food & Potions page under .
2.        Optimized searching through the Buy Panel and added a memory function. When players finish browsing a certain product and return to the previously viewed label, it will remain at the previous labels position.
3.        Optimized the feel of the entire shop, and merged the Auction and Sell pages. After this maintenance, players can find Auction at the navigation panel to the top of the Sell label in the Shop, and from there enter World Auction and Guild Auction.

X. Top-up Rebates
Fairy Tale Top-up Rebate
Contains Light of Dawn, Divine Essence, Legendary Weapon Case and other high-value items.
New Top Up Rebate: Shadow Wing Top-up Rebate
Contains the new pet Draco, Legendary Talisman, the new mount Shadow Wing and other high-value items.

XI. Other Changes
1.        Optimized the Adventure Panel鈥檚 activity classifications and corresponding skips, and added a new Mystica Raid Panel.
2.        Added the new D12 Raid sets - Twin Cannons Set and Shadow Set. These new powerful sets will drop in the brand-new raid Battle for Karanvale - Fall of the Capital.
3.        Cave of Eternity will have two brand-new raids: Dawn Cathedral - Cosmos Courtyard and Battle for Karanvale - Escape the Airdock.
4.        Greatly reduced the skill damage of the first boss Baatimius鈥 Ball of Fear on heroic difficulty.
5.        Battle Assist will become available for Dawn Cathedral - Secret Astrology Sanctum, and players that meet the criterion can join the raid via Battle Assist.
6.        Resolved an issue with the Friend Gift function pertaining to potions (Healing Potions, Mana Potions, etc.).
7.        Before this change, players had to wait for a server to be 30 days or older before using a Level Boost or purchasing Insta Arcanum. Now, this limit has been changed to 20 days.
8.        Many reputation factions are growing stronger, and now in the Year of the Melting Snow, many Reputation Shops have added appearance items, including Pendants, Portrait Frames and a few Mounts. They all welcome players to browse their new goods.
9.        Added exchanges for Legendary Attack Helmets and Legendary Defensive Boots in the Legendary Equipment Shop.
10.        Optimized Automated Battle. Players can now set up a skill bar containing ten skills, and the intelligent automation AI will use a greater number of skills according to players鈥 choices鈥攖hereby increasing the efficiency of automated battle.
11.        Inscription becomes available upon reaching talent level 15.
12.        Normal boss and lord boss kill attempts in Guild Hunt have been merged and caps out at 7 attempts.
13.        Added a Skip Panel for Reputation Quest in the Adventure Panel. Will be displayed in accordance with the reputation level a player has unlocked.
14.        A Skip Panel has been added to Resistance Events in the Adventure Panel.
15.        Resolved an issue where Resistance Equipment could be used in raids.
16.        The talent level to enter normal difficulty Kothas Foundry Raid has been reduced to 50 from 55.


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