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Title: Patch Notes of April 18th [Print this page]

Author: zero    Time: 2019-4-17 22:43
Title: Patch Notes of April 18th

Crusaders ofLight Patch Notes 4/18
Dearplayers, we will maintain our servers for two hours.
Ⅰ)Legend of the Dark Moon Coming
Legend has it that every year during the brightest full moon, themysterious Dark Moon sect emerges from the shadows of Milura. In whispers, theyattempt to have people sell their souls to the ancient demons. Our heroes mustgather together and defeat the Dark Moon apostles to maintain peace and safetyin Milura!
Ⅱ)Top-upCoupon & Trending Gift Coupon
After this maintenance, players will get one random-grade Top-up Couponwith every 10 purchases of New Arrivals—”Bard Treasure”. By using thesecoupons, players can get Extra 50% Crystals for the corresponding top-up grade.Also, each purchase of a box in “NEW”, also gives you a TrendingGift Coupon.Byusing the gift coupons, the corresponding gift can be purchased at a 50% discount (thegift can only buy  5 atdiscount)Don’t miss the opportunity if warriors need it!
Ⅲ)New Arrival
After this week's maintenance, “Time Shadow Gift” will be no longer instock on the “New Arrival”. Also, a brand new box “Bard Treasure” with veryhigh discount will be in stock on “New Arrival”. Player probably get very rarelegendary equipments. Also, it included the cool outfit and mount-“EternalFire”&“Shadow Wing”!
After this week's maintenance, according to the opening time of eachserver, the Warriors can purchase new box —Jadeite Crystal Star Box”、“Aquamarine Crystal Star Box”、“Dark Purple Crystal Star Box”、“Enhanced Bundle”、“StarCircle Advanced Box”、“StarCircle Material Bundle”、“Follower Advanced Box”and“Light of Dawn &Material Box” on the“NEW”.
Ⅴ)Lucky Draw
Lucky Draw is updated as usual every Monday. Don't miss out on theclassic box and mounts!
Ⅵ)Costume Dance Event Ending
After thisweek's maintenance,costume dance event will be closed.
1.Fixed the bug that that could not be canceled afterclicking the special effects button in the summer cool outfit action;
2.Fixed the bug that promptedforerror in some team situations.

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