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class swap issue (all my outfits disappeared) 鏂颁汉甯 New Sirfyck 1 hour(s) ago 05 Sirfyck 1 hour(s) ago
BUG SWAP CLASS 鏂颁汉甯 New doomsday Yesterday 07:24 349 Anonymous 3 hour(s) ago
Bug swap New Kers974FR 7 hour(s) ago 011 Kers974FR 7 hour(s) ago
Swap dark ranger : bug set equipement and bug outfit 鏂颁汉甯 New Kers974FR Yesterday 03:31 270 Anonymous 10 hour(s) ago
Final Challeng 鏂颁汉甯 New Lugrak 11 hour(s) ago 07 Lugrak 11 hour(s) ago
oyun acilmiyor attach_img New bayram 13 hour(s) ago 09 bayram 13 hour(s) ago
Kenny 鏂颁汉甯 New Kenny 15 hour(s) ago 09 Kenny 15 hour(s) ago
Bugg outfit New Wilmer Yesterday 17:04 016 Wilmer Yesterday 17:04
Bug Swap Class 鏂颁汉甯 New Weapon-Kylinfar Yesterday 14:59 017 Weapon-Kylinfar Yesterday 14:59
oyunu oynayamiyorum 鏂颁汉甯 attach_img New bayram Yesterday 14:11 012 bayram Yesterday 14:11
Bug connection 鏂颁汉甯 Radzi49 2019-5-4 289 Anonymous Yesterday 13:22
Forum avatar 鏂颁汉甯 attach_img Janevsky 2018-12-20 5247 Anonymous Yesterday 07:02
Facebook Gameroom 鏂颁汉甯 ZenKript 2018-12-26 6773 Anonymous The day before yesterday 11:22
Game crashes 鏂颁汉甯 New FIGHTERRO The day before yesterday 09:55 040 FIGHTERRO The day before yesterday 09:55
After update when change class have problem 鏂颁汉甯 New Andrey The day before yesterday 08:32 051 Andrey The day before yesterday 08:32
AFTER patch: Server green, but server connection fail New fireball The day before yesterday 02:25 279 MrHunter56 The day before yesterday 05:09
problem login , mobile to pc ( steam ) 鏂颁汉甯 attach_img walphy 2019-4-12 17606 Anonymous The day before yesterday 04:41
My Space Problem 鏂颁汉甯 New Roslin 3 day(s) ago 048 Roslin 3 day(s) ago
I can not log in 鏂颁汉甯 Dayan13 2019-5-5 12313 Anonymous 3 day(s) ago
The forums are full of SPAM again. 鏂颁汉甯 New bscurry1974 3 day(s) ago 057 bscurry1974 3 day(s) ago
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